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Phrasal Verb and Idiom Book

Have you memorized so many vocabularies in English? Or you might remember the amount of vocabularies you have memorized?


Pernah gak menghafal banyak vocabulary dalam bahasa Inggris? Atau mungkin masih ingat jumlah vocabulary yang pernah kalian ingat?


Memorizing vocabularies is like we have a water tap that can shed vocabularies as water. But the reality, it is not really much needed. Why? Because having so many vocabularies, will not guarantee you to be a master in speaking English. The main point is we can use all of the vocabularies in our mind in accurate place. Even we have memorized more than 50.000 vocabularies but we never use it, it is nonsense and of course not really helps.

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American Slang Dictionary

β€œThis dictionary is a resource cataloging the meaning and usage of frequently occurring slang and colloquial expressions in the U.S.A. It contains expressions that are familiar to many Americans and other expressions that are used primarily within small groups of people. These expressions come from movies, novels, newspaper stories, and everyday conversation. The entries represent the vocabulary found in many places, such as the college campus and urban streets. We hear slang from surfers, weight lifters, and young people in general.” Continue reading

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Strategi Menaklukkan TOEFL dan GRE

Kabar terbaru yang kami dengar dari rekan kami, TOEFL ITP akan ditiadakan untuk standarisasi English skill tingkat internasional. Namun validitasnya masih diakui untuk universitas negeri yang masih menggunakan nilai TOEFL ITP. Karena setelah priode ini ETS selaku penyelenggara tidak akan menyelenggarakan Tes TOEFL ITP lagi melainkan TOEFL IBT. Continue reading

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Prepare for SAT Test More Better

Here it is the special book for you, who wants to prepare for SAT test. and this book is the best book for it.
you can practice with a lot of test as the real condition when someone take SAT test.
Just enjoy it, and success the test! πŸ™‚ Continue reading

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Download Grammar Books for Learning English

Buku 8Here we are, some grammar books for you. learning English grammar more deeply and also with trusted reference. Don’t forget to download it as soon as possible, so you can improve your English with better grammar. πŸ™‚

Ini dia, beberapa buku grammar untuk Kamu. Biar bisa belajar Bahasa Inggris lebih mendalam dan juga dengan referensi terpercaya tentunya. Jangan lupa, segera DOWNLOAD buku-bukunya dan tingkatkan kemampuan grammar Bahasa Inggris Anda. Continue reading

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