Phrasal Verb and Idiom Book

Have you memorized so many vocabularies in English? Or you might remember the amount of vocabularies you have memorized?


Pernah gak menghafal banyak vocabulary dalam bahasa Inggris? Atau mungkin masih ingat jumlah vocabulary yang pernah kalian ingat?


Memorizing vocabularies is like we have a water tap that can shed vocabularies as water. But the reality, it is not really much needed. Why? Because having so many vocabularies, will not guarantee you to be a master in speaking English. The main point is we can use all of the vocabularies in our mind in accurate place. Even we have memorized more than 50.000 vocabularies but we never use it, it is nonsense and of course not really helps.

Menghafal vocabulary seperti halnya memiliki keran air yang bisa mengalirkan vocabulary seperti mengalirkan air. Tapi sebenarnya hal demikian tidak terlalu dibutuhkan. Kenapa? Karena memilki banyak vocabulary tidak akan menjamin siapapun menjadi ahli dalam berbicara bahasa Inggris. Intinya kita bisa menggunakan vocabulary yang kita miliki di tempat yang tepat. Meskipun kita memiliki vocabulary lebih dari 50.000 tapi kita tidak pernah menggunakannya, ini gak akan berarti dan benar-benar tidak akan membantu kita dalam berbicara Bahasa Inggris.


So no matter your numbers of vocabulary, you must use it in your speaking. But here, we are going to give you a special book for keeping your vocabularies with some exercises. You must put your vocabulary in the right place. Here just download it and have a nice work. J

Ebook Phrasal Verb and Idiom

Download it

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